VALERA - Evaluation of the reindustrialization programme in the Lazio region

The main objective of the project is to evaluate the implementation and impact of a set of interventions (9 grants) under the POR LAZIO FESR 2014-2020 financing framework. The grants aimed to support the transformation and reindustrialization of the production system of the Lazio region.

The evaluation of the programme implementation will address the operational and management efficiency of interventions, with a particular focus on the selection mechanisms, on the procedures, on the management systems and on the physical and financial development achieved. The objective is to identify the possible drivers behind the observed results: the factors behind the success or failures with respect to the objective of the Programme.

The impact evaluation aims to verify the capacity of the interventions to change the behaviours of the firms in the desired direction. The methodology proposed is a mixed approach, combining quantitative counterfactual methods and qualitative-quantitative methods based on theoretical models. The goal is to enrich the counterfactual estimates with additional evidence on the potential determinants of the observed effects.

FBK-IRVAPP will focus mainly on the counterfactual impact evaluation of the programme combining non-experimental methods, administrative and survey data.

The project is financed under the POR FESR Lazio 2014-2020 scheme.

Date: 2019-2022