Alessio Tomelleri

  • Research Fellow
  • Labour Economics
  • Inequality
  • Regional Economics
  • Policy Evaluation.

Alessio Tomelleri is a research fellow at the Research Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies of the Bruno Kessler Foundation. He obtained a doctoral degree in Economics and Management from the Free University of Bozen/Bolzano in January 2021 with a thesis on inequality, labour market institutions and economic growth.

His research interests focus on investigating income inequality and labour market reforms. He is particularly interested in analysing how labour market institutions shape the income distribution over time and across cohorts of workers.

He also works on the link between inequality, labour productivity and their impact on regional economic growth. Therefore, during his PhD, he has started to work on GVA (Gross Value Added) forecasting methods. Of course, linking labour market institutions, inequality, and labour productivity is not an easy task, but it can help to obtain a general micro-founded overview of the mechanisms through which a change in labour market regulations is linked to productivity and, consequently, to economic growth. This is crucial, especially in the evaluation of public policy.

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