We evaluate a wide range of educational policies and programs conducted at the local, national or international level. Among the topics covered through our research we highlight social inequalities in educational outcomes, student support policies, teacher professional development, and the role of digital technologies in learning processes.

Social inclusion and protection

We work in partnership with governments and non-governmental organizations to produce and disseminate evidence that helps move forward the goal of fostering social inclusion and protection. Our work spans across several areas, such as gender equality, economic inequality, financial vulnerability, migrant integration and disability.

Firms, innovation and industrial policy

Our work seeks to advance knowledge regarding the role of public policies in stimulating technological upgrade, innovation and the economic performance of SMEs and large firms. In addition to this, together with the province of Trento and local partners, we conduct a rich representative longitudinal panel survey targeting…

Labour market

Our research in this area is mostly devoted to the evaluation of local and national labour market policies (both active and passive) and to the study of school-to-work and work transitions through the integration of administrative data sources and surveys.

Forecasting and fiscal policy

We develop microsimulation models for the ex-ante distributional assessment of fiscal policies. We are represented by members of our center in the Euromod national team of Italy. Furthermore, we perform the economic forecasts of GDP dynamics in Trentino in partnership with the statistical office of the province.

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