SMAILE - Simple Methods for Artificial Intelligence Learning

“SMAILE’s goal is to make AI concepts accessible to a wide spectrum of children and young adults and empower them to both understand and create AI technology.

To achieve this goal, SMAILE uses Game Theory and Gamification codes and adopts an educational methodology that maximizes children’s involvement so that they can first internalize the knowledge and then learn the use of application tools.

GAMES 4 AI: Teaching AI through Game Theory, Mechanism Design and Gamification.

EMP AI: Empowerment of AI competencies: What makes an expert from a novice?

SMAILE APP: An interactive App to learn AI and unleash creativity

SMAILE is a research project led by Politecnico di Torino in collaboration with Università di Torino and Royal Holloway University of London. Further details on the consortium here.

The SMAILE project is funded by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo within the scheme “Intelligenza Artificiale, uomo e società.”

From the Project Website:

FBK- IRVAPP is the partner evaluator of the whole project. Monitoring reports will be issued every six months over the whole duration of the project.

The third branch of the project, SMAILE APP, will be the object of a randomized evaluation conducted by IRVAPP, where the effectiveness of the app in changing AI knowledge and perceptions among middle-school students, educational choices, alongside spatial and computational skills, will be tested.

Date: 2020-2022



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