Skills training programmes for unemployed workers in mature economies

This paper studies the effects on long term labour market success of the provision of
intensive skills training courses offered in 2013-14 to adult unemployed workers in the
north-east of Italy. We find a substantial effect, which persists well into the fourth year after
the beginning of the course. From a methodological viewpoint, we argue, as proposed by
Angrist and Rokkanen (2015) that the set-up is equivalent to a randomised controlled trial,
in view of the fact that the criterion which determines admission to the course is unrelated
to the outcomes of interest.



Publication number: Working Paper 2023-07
Date: 11/2023
JEL Classification: J24, J68, M53, C21
  • Active labour market policies, Trento, Unemployment training, Randomised control trial, Regression discontinuity design
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