Un’esperienza pilota di integrazione di dati amministrativi e di survey per l’analisi dell’evoluzione delle storie lavorative dei giovani

In the last decade the practice of combining longitudinal investigations with administrative data has been affirmed, allowing to overcome, through their integration, the limits that usually afflict these two sources of data. In this perspective, the paper describes a pilot experience of deterministic matching and integration between two sources of data – a panel survey carried out on a representative sample of households living in the province of Trento (Italy) and the register data from the provincial section of the administrative archive of INPS (the Italian social security agency) – whose aim is to reconstruct the changes in the patterns of the work histories of two birth cohorts of young people. Despite being a small-scale study it presents the undoubted interest of being one of the rare Italian experiences of integration of administrative databases and surveys.



Publication number: Working Paper 2018-01
Date: February 2018
  • Integration of Data Sources,
  • Administrative Archives,
  • Survey Data,
  • Labour Market
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