The longitudinal household survey on living condition in the Province of Trento

L’indagine sulle condizioni di vita delle famiglie trentine è uno studio panel prospettico articolato attualmente in 10 rilevazioni. Le rilevazioni sono state effettuate dall’Istituto di Statistica della Provincia di Trento (ISPAT), rispettivamente, nel 2005, nel 2007, nel 2008, nel 2009, nel 2010, nel 2011, nel 2012, nel 2013, nel 2014 e nel 2017. It has been designed to achieve two main aims. The first is essentially descriptive in character and consists in the gathering of information on the current situation (at the time of the interview) of a broad representative sample of families living in the autonomous Province of Trento: composition, sources and levels of income, social and demographic features of their members. The second aim of the Survey centres on the study of social change and consists in the gathering of dynamic information on each adult member (i.e. aged over 18) of each household surveyed. More specifically, the intention is to reconstruct the ‘life history’ of each member of each household – from the moment of birth to the end of the fifth survey wave – in relation to the following aspects: movements (geographical or residential mobility), education and vocational training (school and training career), work (work career), social origins, and family (marriages or cohabitations and births or adoptions of children). The survey has been designed upon the agreement <Panel> signed with ISPAT within the Memorandum of understanding for the Realization of Statistical Analyses.

Date: From 2005 to 2020



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