SCUOLINSIEME aims at testing the effectiveness of an innovative intervention intended to enhance student achievement and improve school climate. The project is implemented in 50 lower secondary schools located in the regions of Liguria and Piedmont. The treatment consists of three components: (a) coaching of the school principal on educational leadership and organisation; (b) teacher training; (c) development of classroom projects aimed at enhancing learning and motivation. The evaluation is based on a randomised controlled trial. The 50 schools are randomly assigned to the groups of “treated” and “untreated” schools. The project is spread over three school years. The reference population is students enrolled in 6th grade in the school year 2014/2015, which are followed until the end of the 8th grade (as 2016/2017). The evaluation allows assessing the impact of the treatment on three outcomes: student achievement in Italian and mathematics; student motivation and study methods; teachers’ perceived school climate and professional welfare. The project is sponsored by the Fondazione per la Scuola della Compagnia di San Paolo. Within the project, FBK-IRVAPP is responsible for the counterfactual impact evaluation of the intervention.

Date: From 2014 to 2018



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