EIBURS - The Future of Schooling: Harnessing the Potential of Digital Education Technology

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting spread of distance and blended learning in schools, the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), and education technologies in teaching and learning has gained unprecedented attention in the education policy debate.  The integration of new technologies in teaching and learning has raised many expectations for the potential contribution that educational technology can bring. Conversely, their rise has also brought to the forefront and elevated the discourse regarding the potential risks and threats of emerging technologies (e.g. AI, tutoring, assessment) on the provision of quality and inclusive education. Evidence about the effects of computers and digital device use on student achievement remains largely controversial, with inconclusive evidence backing the positive expectations.

As new technologies further entrench themselves within and across educational practices, computer and mobile-assisted learning will represent a growing component of education and training programs. It is therefore essential to further contribute, build upon and update the current evidence base. In this respect, a number of key and interconnected aspects gain increasing importance.

The project has four main research goals:

1)      Track public investment across countries and educational levels

2)      Strengthen our understanding of how new technologies enter and change school practices

3)      Estimate the costs to public authorities

4)      Estimate the impact of selected new technologies on student outcomes and build evidence of what works

The partners of this project are EUN-Schoolnet and the Department of Educational Sciences of the Vrje University in Brussels.


The Project is entirely funded by the European Investment Bank’s University Research Sponsorship program.

More Info on the EIBURS programme: https://institute.eib.org/whatwedo/knowledge/funding-research/eiburs/


Date: 2022-2025


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