Provincial Board for Productivity and Competitiveness

The productivity and competitiveness of a region are the main indicators of the long-term prosperity of its inhabitants. Local productivity is strongly and positively correlated with economic and non-economic well-being indicators of workers, enterprises and society. Higher regional productivity is correlated with higher real wages for workers, higher disposable income for households and lower income inequality among households. High regional productivity can also strengthen the resilience of local economies to economic shocks and disturbances, such as economic recessions or local sectoral shocks. Regional productivity is also linked to the general well-being of residents, such as labour participation rates, educational attainment, the quality of the natural environment, and life expectancy.

The Autonomous Province of Trento has established a Provincial Board for Productivity and Competitiveness with the following tasks:

a) carry out analyses on the productivity of the provincial economic system;

b) propose public policies based on these analyses;

c) facilitate public discussions among stakeholders

d) produce an annual report on the productivity and competitiveness of the Trentino economy.

On behalf of the Autonomous Province of Trento, the OECD Trento Office for Local Development coordinates the activities of the scientific partners and the consultation of local stakeholders for the entire duration of the project. Coordination has a three-year horizon, with the aim of producing an analytical report focusing on specific issues each year. The reports will be based on the analysis and research of the scientific partners, as well as contributions from local stakeholders.

FBK-IRVAPP is part of this scientific committee, supporting the other institutions of the province’s research system (OECD, Bank of Italy, ISPAT, University of Trento) in the production of studies and analyses.



  • Mirco Tonin
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