Another battle of the have-nots? The Impact of Immigration on the Poverty Risk of Western European Natives

This paper examines the impact of immigration on natives’ poverty risk in Western European countries. Since poverty risk generally varies across nations depending on work attachment and public programme access, it is assumed that the immigration impact is exercised through the combination of the labor market channel with the public-finance channel. The empirical investigation was focused on both the poverty risk of all the European natives and the poverty risk of low-skilled natives. To this end, an aggregate panel dataset composed of 14 Western European countries, annually observed for the period 2007-2018 was analysed. Findings clearly indicate that higher shares of immigration do not increase the risk of income poverty and material deprivation among Western European natives.



Publication number: Working Paper 2022-07
Date: 09/2022
JEL Classification: J61, O15, I3
  • Poverty risk of natives, Immigration, Western Europe
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