MENTEP - Mentoring Technology Enhanced Pedagogy

MENTEP (MENtoring Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy) aims at developing a reliable tool for teachers to self-assess progress in technology-enhanced teaching (TET) competences and testing the tool’s effectiveness using rigorous counterfactual protocols. The MENTEP experimentation will take place in 12 European countries. The target group is made up by teachers working in lower secondary schools (ISCED level 2, Grades 6-8). In each country, a sample of approximately 50 schools and 1,000 teachers will be randomly selected in order to participate in the experimentation. The evaluation strategy will rely on an “encouragement design” using instrumental variables. Schools will be randomly splitted in two groups that we call “encouraged schools” and “non-encouraged schools”. A random sample of the teachers selected to participate working in the schools belonging to the encouraged schools will be invited via e-mail to use the tool; the rest of the teachers working in the encouraged schools and the teachers working in the non-encouraged schools will not be invited. This evaluation design will estimate both the overall impact of the tool on teachers’ TET competences and assess peer learning effects (i.e., the extent to which teachers not receiving the intervention learn from their colleagues receiving it and working in the same school). Through MENTEP, the optimal conditions for the tool to be used will be identified and the feasibility of European-wide certification of TET competence will be analyzed. Moreover, the project is expected to increase national capacity in soundly evaluating the impact of educational policies and interventions.

MENTEP is a project funded by the Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency of the European Union through the Erasmus plus Programme Key action 3: Support for policy reform — Prospective initiatives (EACEA/10/14). MENTEP involves 16 partners: 3 ministries of education (in Cyprus, Portugal, Spain); 9 other public authorities e.g. national agencies or research institutes in education (in Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Denmark, Slovenia, Cyprus, Norway, Czech Republic and France); 2 delegated bodies of public authorities (in Greece, Estonia); FBK-IRVAPP (the evaluation organisation; Italy); EUN Partnership (project coordinator).

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Date: From 2015 to 2018