The project

FBK-IRVAPP was commissioned by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo (CSP) to collaborate with other experts for developing a set of indicators for measuring CSP’s disbursement activity. Specifically, FBK-IRVAPP proposed a battery of indicators aimed at describing the phenomena related to the interventions implemented in the framework of the CSP’s Planet Objective. That is, a number of variables considered key to providing a quantitative representation of the interventions aimed at enhancing research, accelerating innovation, protecting the environment, promoting welfare and opening up international scenarios. The proposed variables were identified by referring to the CSP programming documents and by taking into account that the actions of the Planet Objective are aligned with European multiannual programming and with national and international recovery and resilience policies. Finally, in identifying the proposed variables, reference was made to the fact that the Planetary Objective adopts a data-driven approach aimed at assessing the effectiveness of its interventions and monitoring their results against pre-established targets. In this sense, the scores of each proposed variable can be obtained by aggregating the information collected on each intervention programme implemented by the entities financed from time to time by CSP.


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