AI-LEAP - LEArning Personalization with AI and of AI

A growing gap between the progress of AI science, on one side, and people’s knowledge even of the basic principles of AI, on the other. Multiple competences, and abilities come into play for correctly reading and understanding AI at work, instead of watching it with suspicion or with awe. The complex process of construction/interpretation of the AI-permeated world requires the construction of the right conceptual tools in the people and in the society. Personalization is critical to developing methods and techniques that democratize design, innovation, and knowledge creation, and make citizens aware and active members of society.

The project

The main goal of the project is the personalization of learning experiences and the use of AI.

The project is organized in three sub-projects:

  1. T3-AI (Personalizing Test to Tailor Training of AI). The subproject is under the responsibility of the principal investigator (University of Torino) and will investigate how early identification of each child’s differential mastery of foundational cognitive capabilities involved in machine learning, probabilistic AI, and symbolic AI allows for a personalized training that strengthens the individual weaknesses.
  2. Teach E-AI 2C (Teaching Embodied Artificial Intelligence to Children) is coordinated by the University of Naples, with Treccani Futura and Città della Scienza as teritorial partners. The aim of the project is to create specific learning materials that can be assembled into a personalized learning experience tailored to the individual’s mastery of specific skills. The sub-project is based on instructional design principles and the 4C/ ID model. Adopting an Embodied AI approach leads to: 1) overcoming a strictly algorithm-driven approach, 2) understanding how biological systems work to replicate them in artificial systems, 3) developing principles for intelligent behavior and 4) applying these principles to artificial systems that interact with the real physical world: robots.
  3. PTPC-AI (Personalized Training of Professional Competencies with AI) is coordinate by Università del Piemonte Orientale, with Dipartimento delle Attività Integrate Ricerca e Innovazione, Azienda ospedaliera SS Antonio e Biagio e Cesare Arrigo (DAIRI)  and POP-AI as as teritorial partners.  The sub-project is based on the assumption that the personalization that can be achieved through the use of AI representations and reasoning is key to effective and tailored training for professionals who are not IT, such as physicians.

FBK-IRVAPP will perform the monitoring and evaluation of the AI-LEAP project.


The project is financed by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo through the second edition of the call for funding “Intelligenza Artificiale”.


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