ICT@School - ICT in education Indicators Working Group

ICT@School is a Europe-wide working group hosted by EUN-Schoolnet aimed at enhancing the quality and the cross-national comparability of data regarding the availability of ICTs in schools and their use by teachers and students. Representatives of 16 European countries participate in the project. Within ICT@School a detailed and systematic review of the existing international and national surveys on the topic is carried out with the aims of: (i) identifying a set of core indicators measuring the quantity and quality of ICT resources available in each national school system; (ii) deriving some methodological lessons for the development and realisation of surveys in this area; (iii) envisaging possible solutions to enhance the integration of existing surveys; finally (iv) drafting a comprehensive proposal on the comparability of existing surveys and the possible realisation of new European-wide studies.

Date: From 2016 to 2017


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