IRVAPP together with the Department of Economics of the University of Turin agreed to develop a new database suited for the evaluation of policies regarding public pensions and unemployment benefits. The aim of the project is the creation of a “legal database” containing information on changes in eligibility rules on pensions and unemployment in Italy since the early nineties to the present. In addition to the legal references, the database contains the algorithms needed to determine eligibility for various services and to calculate the amount. The ultimate goal of this activity is to enrich the original database WHIP (Work Histories Italian Panel) containing a large national sample of subjects drawn from the archives of the ‘National Institute of Social Security (INPS) and previously processed by the Department of the University of Turin. For this purpose, the new “legal database” includes a significant set of procedures that facilitate the use of the database WHIP for evaluation research on passive labor policies. The project has focused so far on building the frame of the “legal database” and developing as well as checking the algorithms that evaluate the eligibility of a pension benefit under the pension scheme that was in place in 2010.

Date: 2010 to 2012


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