MEMT - The econometric multi-sectoral model of Trentino

The complexity of economic dynamics, the growing competition among territories, and the increasing relevance of public policies set up at local level require a greater ability to examine the current economic processes and to evaluate the impact of specific economic  crisis and/or of particular fiscal policies implemented by regions and provinces, especially those a statuto speciale which, as well-known, enjoy of a great autonomy in terms of expenditure and taxation.

In this context of increasing demand of information and analysis,  FBK-IRVAPP, in collaboration with the statistical office of the Province of Trento (on the basis of the agreement <Memt>, part of the Memorandum of understanding for the Realization of Statistical Analyses) and Prometeia, handles an econometric model of large dimension, namely the econometric multi-sectoral model of Trentino (MEMT). This model has been developed in order to suitably represent the productive structure of the local system and to capture the relevance of the public sector and of the inter-regional trade.

The MEMT is usually employed to:

a)      elaborate forecasting scenarios of short-medium  period for the main economic aggregates of Trentino;

b)      Perform simulations  of medium term in order to evaluate the impact of specific public policies and particular economic shocks.


Date: From 2013



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