Whip4Policy. Accesso alle pensioni

The study of the functioning of social policies typically entails a hard work in identifying, withing statistical databases, which are the individuals probably belonging to the target population of a policy; which are those who actually meet the eligibility criteria of it; what is the effective measure they are entitled to – e.g., what are the benefit’s size and duration of an unemployment insurance policy. This kind of work is typically done ad hoc by the researcher, which is prone to errors, a smaller scope for documentation, a limited replicability of the results. Whip4policy is a tool whose aim is to allow the integration of policy rules directly into statistical databases, by means of their conceptualization into functions mapping the database variables describing the statistical units into new derived variables describing the various aspects of the policy. In this way, the reutilization, documentation and replicability of the research activities on all normative aspects are made easier. The paper describes how this idea is applied to an Italian database on work histories, using as an example the pension reforms delivered in Italy during the Nineties.


  • Roberto Leombruni
  • Gianluca Mazzarella
  • Michele Mosca


Publication number: Progress Report 2012-03
Date: 12/2012
  • Database relazionali,
  • Normativa pensionistica,
  • Sistema contributivo,
  • Sistema retributivo
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