Cl@ssi 2.0 project - Final report

The following research report is delivered in accordance with the agreement between the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, the Giovanni Agnelli Foundation and Scuola della Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, signed on 30/10/2009. The agreement was aimed at delivering an independent evaluation of the Cl@ssi 2.0 project which involved a group of Italian lower secondary schools. The assessment activity was conducted by collecting data both on the classes who were involved as well as some of those who were not directly involved in the project. The evaluation activity allowed a constant monitoring of the evolution of the project and provided useful data and information to correct, supplement or confirm the processes taking place. It also allowed examining the project outcomes and strengthening their implementation, like mentioned in the Article 1 of the Protocol.

To fulfil the evaluation commitment, the Foundations stipulated specific agreements with other research institutions, such as IRVAPP, INVALSI and Department of Anthropological Sciences at the University of Genoa. They also constituted a Technical Committee, as mentioned in the article 3 of the Protocol, to which some of the authors of this report belong. The undersigning Foundations have produced two evaluation reports, an interim report delivered in December 2011 (see IRVAPP Progress Report 2012-01) as well as the final report for the Ministry that is presented here.


  • Vittorio Campione
  • Daniele Checchi
  • Silvia Girardi
  • Valeria Pandolfini
  • Enrico Rettore


Publication number: Progress Report 2014-01
Date: 6/2014
  • Introduction of new teaching technologies,
  • Student achievement,
  • Lower secondary school,
  • Evaluation and monitoring
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