An Analysis of the Implementation of the Programme "Buoni di Servizio" in the Trento Province

This report presents a follow-up study of the implementation of the programme “Buoni di Servizio” that aims at complementing an extending the work carried out by IRVAPP in September 2009. The “Buoni di Servizio” is a new policy of the Autonomous Province of Trento which sets up a ‘servicevoucher’ scheme to help women reconcile paid work and family responsibilities. This report seeks to provide evidence on the impact that the changes in the implementation of the programme once it was already in place, and distributed the first wave of vouchers, may have produced in the working out of this policy, especially with regard to its potential beneficiaries and the goals of work-life balance reconciliation that it addresses. The analysis also identifies several interesting results for the management of the programme itself. To carry out this new study, the report uses administrative data from the Autonomous Province of Trento that covers the period right before the changes in the implementation rules (February to December 2008) with more recent ones after the changes were in place (March 2009 to March 2010).


  • Alvaro Martinez


Publication number: Progress Report 2010-04
Date: 11/2010
JEL Classification: D1, I3, J7
  • Follow-up,
  • Work-life balance policies,
  • Service vouchers,
  • Women,
  • Children
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