Welcoming Luigina Jessica Montano

25 May 2023

We are delighted to introduce Luigina Jessica Montano, our new team member. She completed Ph.D. in Sustainable Tourism Management at the University of Surrey (UK) whilst working as an evaluator for an EU-INTERREG Sustainable Tourism project. Her main research interests cover the application of qualitative methods of evaluation to address causality in complex interventions.

Luigina is committed to carrying out evaluations that offer useful learning opportunities and generate evidence that allows for better, evidence-informed policy making. Luigina is passionate about using evaluation as a co-learning opportunity to address what works, for who, and in what context, in order to increase policy replicability. Luigina’s role in FBK-IRVAPP is to integrate qualitative evaluation approaches within the design of evaluation strategies. She is interested in participative approaches to evaluation such as Theory of Change and Most Significant Change Technique.

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