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Antonio Schizzetto and Loris Vergolini take part at the Brown Bag Seminar organised by the Department of Sociology and Social Research (5 February, Trento). They present a paper entitled: "The Bologna Process in Italy. A reassessment of its influences on university enrolments and inequalities of educational opportunities"

IRVAPP organizes an internal seminar series in which the research fellows from IRVAPP and from other institutions present their ongoing projects.
The next seminar is scheduled for the 30th of January from 14.00 to 15.00 and the speaker will be Niklas Jakobsson. He will present a paper entitled “The effect of copayments on primary care utilization: Results from a quasi-experiment”.
The venue is at IRVAPP, via Santa Croce 67.

A new IRVAPP working paper is now available. The article by Loris Vergolini, Nadir Zanini and Nicola Bazoli is called "Liquidity Constraints and University Participation in Times of Recession. Evidence from a Small-scale Programme".

Ugo Trivellato published his study on "The evaluation of labour policies in Italia: evidence from two decades of research", in P. Barbieri and G. Fullin (eds), Lavoro, Istituzioni, disegueglianze, il Mulino, 2014, pp.291-316.

Simone Schüller takes part in the 26th EALE Conference in Ljubljana

Simone Schüller participate in the Spring Meeting of Young Economists (SMYE), Vienna University of Economics and Business, 24–26 April 2014.

Samuele Poy (presenting a paper) and Daniele Checchi (as speaker of the Plenary session on "Policy") take part in the XXIX National Conference of Labour Economics (AIEL), Pisa, 11 September 2014.

Irvapp take parte in the the 55th Scientific Conference of the Italian Economic Association with three paper:
-The Minimum Guaranteed Income in the Province of Trento: Evidence from an Impact Evaluation (by Antonio Schizzerotto, Loris Vergolini and Nadir Zanini).
- High-Speed Internet and Firm Productivity - Quasi-Experimental Evidence from the Province of Trento (by Giulia Canzian, Samuele Poy and Simone Schüller).

Simone Schüller will present a paper in the the Royal Economic Society Annual Conference (7-9 April, University of Manchester).