Francesco Capozza: Mental Health Literacy, Beliefs and Demand for Mental Health Support among University Students (Online)

FBK-IRVAPP is pleased to invite you to the following seminar: Mental Health Literacy, Beliefs and Demand for Mental Health Support among University Students .


With the participation of Francesco Capozza, Erasmus University Rotterdam.


The seminar is held in English.


This paper assesses the impact of a mental health literacy intervention on the demand for mental health support among university students. We run a field experiment with 2,978 university students from one of the largest Dutch universities. The intervention provides information on the benefits of care-seeking and its potential returns in terms of academic performance. The intervention increases the willingness to pay for a mental health app among male respondents. It also increases (decreases) the demand for information about coaching (psychological) services. We document that this substitution is driven by students who show low to moderate anxiety/depressive symptoms. Increased perceived effectiveness of low-intensity therapy is likely to be the mechanism. In a follow-up survey three weeks later, we find that the treated female respondents have improved their mental health.


Guest Speakers

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
    Francesco Capozza is a PhD student in Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Tinbergen Institute. In the fall, he will join WZB and Berlin School of Economics. He is an applied microeconomist, broadly interested in studying the behavioral economics ofsocial inequalities, how they are formed and why they persist over time. In his research, he makes use of experimental methods, such as Online and Field Experiments, to tackle research questions in the domain of Political Economy, Mental Health and Public Economics. He combines these methods with machine learning techniques as well as NLP.


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