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FBK-IRVAPP is pleased to invite you to the following seminar:
​​“Parental Love is Not Blind”

With the participation of: Ainhoa Aparicio Fenoll

Language The seminar is held in English.
Abstract In many countries parents can choose whether their children start elementary school
one year earlier. Like many other educational decisions, this choice has lasting
consequences that can depend on each child’s characteristics. Which children are
sent to school early? How are they affected by this decision? To answer these
questions, we exploit a feature of the Italian education system: only children born
between January and April can start elementary school one year early. We use data
on standardized tests taken by all students in Italy. We find that there is positive
selection: students who start early have higher ability. Moreover, for those children,
the penalty associated to early start is smaller.


  • Ainhoa Aparicio Fenoll
    Guest Speaker
    Ainhoa Aparicio-Fenoll is currently an Assistant Professor at Collegio Carlo Alberto in Turin. She received her PhD in Economics in 2010 at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. The title of her dissertation was “The Effect of Product Market Competition on Job Instability”. Her research interests lie in the fields of Labor, Education, Migration and Family Economics, Applied Econometrics. Up to now, she has worked on issues related to job quality, the implications of product market competition for the labor market, the economics of migration, group interactions and network effects, the economics of education, the implications of economic booms for education decisions, recessions and babies’ health, the impact of education policies on migration flows, and language economics.




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