IRVAPP WINTER SCHOOL 2016 - Fundamentals and Methods for Impact Evaluation of Public Policies

The course is designed to be of particular benefit to Ph.D. students and researchers in the Social Sciences, Economics and Statistics, needing to undertake policy evaluation analysis using micro data. The School will present 1) the fundamental principles of impact evaluation with a specific focus on the counterfactual theory of causal inference and 2) a variety of statistical tools for counterfactual analysis (including difference-in-differences and matching methods, regression discontinuity designs and quasi experimental settings). Extensive laboratory sessions will provide the opportunity to apply the various techniques to specific education and anti-poverty policies.

The School will run over six consecutive days of theoretical and practical sessions from February 8th to February 13th, 2016. Training will require previous knowledge of basic principles for quantitative methods that correspond to those taught in introductory courses of statistics and econometrics at the undergraduate level. At the very least a working knowledge of regression and multivariate analysis is expected. Although the exercises will be guided, basic familiarity with Stata is strongly recommended.
08/02/2016 to 13/02/2016
The course is the 8th edition of an initiative designed to provide Ph.D. students and researchers in the Social Sciences, Economics and Statistics with the requisite knowledge and applied methods for implementing policy evaluation using microdata.


Erich Battistin FBK-IRVAPP & Queen Mary University of London

Thomas Cook Northwestern University

Enrico Rettore FBK-IRVAPP & University of Trento

Antonio Schizzerotto FBK-IRVAPP & University of Trento

Simone Schueller FBK-IRVAPP

Ugo Trivellato FBK-IRVAPP & Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti & University of Padova

Loris Vergolini FBK-IRVAPP
Fondazione Bruno Kessler – Istituto per la Ricerca Valutativa sulle Politiche Pubbliche (FBK-IRVAPP)
Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti (IVSLA)
University of Trento
with the patronage of the Centro Interuniversitario di Econometria (CIdE) & of the Associazione Italiana di Econometria (SIdE).
Department of Sociology and Social Research, via Verdi 26, Trento (Italy).

Hot to reach us:
Here you can find some information on how to reach us.
Please note that the fee does not include accommodation. Find a list of recommended hotels located in walking distance from the winter school location in the download area, located in the top right corner of this page.
Tuition fees:
The tuition fees are of 600 € for participants from academic institutions, 1200 € for participants from non-academic institutions. Fees include coffee/tea breaks and lunches. Fees do not include accommodation or dinner.
To apply, candidates are invited to fill in the online form by November 22nd, 2015 (please note that a one-page CV is required). The final decision about the list of applicants admitted to the course will be made by the end of the first week of December 2015. In order for the application to be considered valid, full payments must be received by December 21st, 2015.
[email protected]

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