Pamela Giustinelli: Expectations in Education: Framework, elicitation, and evidence (online)

28 Novembre 2022 | 12:00 — 13:00

FBK-IRVAPP is pleased to invite you to the following seminar: Expectations in Education: Framework, elicitation, and evidence

With the participation of Pamela Giustinelli, Bocconi University

Language: the seminar is held in English.

Abstract : This paper reviews the economic literature on subjective expectations in education with a focus on high income countries. It begins with highlighting the motivations that prompted systematic survey elicitation and statistical analysis of youth’s expectations of the returns to schooling and with tracing key milestones in the development of this research program. It then proceeds to reviewing the relevant body of research by organizing the discussion around four topics: (i) the analysis of the perceived monetary returns, risks, and costs of schooling; (ii) the analysis of the perceived non monetary returns, risks, and costs of schooling; (iii) the analysis of schooling decisions; (iv) the analysis of expectation formation and learning. For each topic, the paper provides: (a) a motivating analytical framework;(b) a methodological discussion of expectations elicitation and a survey of data collections; (c) a review of the empirical evidence. Avenues for future research are discussed in the conclusion.


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    Pamela Giustinelli an assistant professor in the department of economics at Bocconi University, with affiliations to Bocconi's IGIER and LEAP, and to various centers at the Universities of Michigan, Chicago, Oslo, Essex, and York. As part of her research, she designs new measurements to advance understanding of microeconomic behavior, especially individual and household decisions with uncertain outcomes or limited information, particularly within the context of human capital broadly defined. A leading example is survey elicitation of subjective expectations and their integration in microeconometric models of choice under uncertainty, for example, child-parent choice of the high school track.


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