Evaluating a Place-Based Innovation Policy

13 dicembre 2018 | 17:00


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FBK-IRVAPP is pleased to invite you to the following seminar: “Evaluating a Place-Based Innovation Policy.”
With the partecipation of: Oliver Falck.
Language The seminar is held in english.
Abstract We evaluate one of the largest place-based innovation policies in Germany – the Innovative Regional Growth Cores (IRGC) program. It subsidizes collaborative development and commercialization projects of firms and public research institutes co-located in regions in eastern Germany, with the express goal of generating local spillovers to promote regional economic development. We evaluate three potential types of effects with regard to a broad set of outcomes at the firm and regional levels: (1) The policy’s effects on directly subsidized firms; (2) spillover effects on non-subsidized innovative firms located in the same region; (3) (aggregate) effects on regional-level economic outcomes. We find that directly treated firms increase their R&D activities in the medium-run. On the other hand, we are not able to provide ether significant or even economically meaningful evidence for the effectiveness of channels (2) and (3), applying a wide range of econometric methods.


  • Oliver Falck
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    Oliver Falck is Ifo Professor of Innovation Economics at LMU Munich and Director of the Center for Industrial Organization and New Technologies at the ifo Institute. He also serves as Managing Director of the CESifo Research Network and Co-Director of the joint data center of the ifo Institute and LMU Munich. His research and teaching focuses on innovation economics with a special emphasis on digital transformation, human capital and regional aspects. He has published in international journals such as the American Economic Review, the Economic Journal, the Journal of Public Economics or the Journal of Urban Economics.

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