Margherita Fort

  • Senior Research Fellow
  • Microeconometrics
  • Inequality and poverty dynamics
  • Economics of education and fertility decisions
  • Treatment evaluation
  • Causal inference

My research focusses on causal inference and treatment evaluation, with particular attention to applications in the field of labour economics. My on-going projects aim at designing and assessing the impact of new interventions in early education (0-6), assessing the impact of on-going interventions (eg. GIRLS CODE IT BETTER and contributing to methodological improvements in the area of causal inference.

My recent projects concerned the evaluation of: (1) the impact of risk factors on the household income level; (2) the causal relationship between education and fertility (case study based on Italian data and case study based on European countries); (3) the impact of education on the wage distribution in Europe; (4) the impact of education on health and the role of health behaviours in explaing the health-education gradient. I am particulartly interested in contrasting different non-parametric strategies aimed at identifying the impact of a potentially endogenous regressor on the distribution of an outcome variable. To complement previous work examining the causal links betweeen education and fertility, I am interested in investigating the causal impact of education on wage profile and labour force participation of women. I was involved in several national projects (recently: FIRB 2008 “The Policy Implications of Demographic Ageing”, as local coordinator of the Bologna Research Unit; PRIN 2009 “Problems and Solutions for the Evaluation of the Performance in the Public Administration”;SIR 2014 “”Experimental and THeoretical analysis of Inequality and Cooperation – ETHIC-“) as well as in a local project (2011 Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF) grant for the project “Childcare,Grandparents or Nannies? What is Best for Children When Parents are Away”) and in the project funded within the ISA Topic 2013 call with Andrea Ichino and Giulio Zanella (“La meglio infanzia”: cura dei bambini e sviluppo delle capacita’ cognitive e non cognitive) and in a research project funded by CARIPARO 2008 Progetti di Eccellenza (“The effect of early life conditions and outcomes on economic wellbeing and health later in life”).

Curriculum Vitae