Daniele Biancardi

  • Ricercatori
  • economics of education
  • labor economics
  • policy evaluation

Daniele Biancardi is Research Fellow at FBK-IRVAPP since June 2017. He has been awarded a Ph​.​D​.​ in Economics from the University of Milan in January 2017. His research interests include labor economics and economics of education, with a focus on policy evaluation methods.

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Working papers:

  • Biancardi D. (2017) “The effects of grading standards on labor market outcomes: evidence from Italy”
  • Biancardi D. and M. Bratti (2017) “An assessment of the impact of the first Italian Research Evaluation Exercise on students’ enrollment choices”
  • Biancardi D. (2017) “A structural model of life-cycle decisions of (Italian) households”