Marta Golin: Perceived Returns to Job Search (Online)

FBK-IRVAPP is pleased to invite you to the following seminar: Perceived Returns to Job Search

With the participation of Marta Golin, University of Zurich

Language: the seminar is held in English.

Abstract: In this paper we provide the first evidence on workers’ perceptions of the returns to job search effort. The perceived job finding probability is nearly linear in hours searched and only slightly concave for most respondents. While workers are over- optimistic about the probability of receiving a job offer conditional on any search, they perceive the marginal return to additional search hours as positive but comparably low. Job seekers receiving an offer update their perceived returns upwards, while others’ beliefs regress towards the direction of the mean. We find little evidence that the novel aspects of the pandemic recession have fundamentally changed workers’ motivations for job search: that an existing job is expected to end or has unsatisfactory pay are the primary motives for on-the-job search. On the contrary, workers’ ability to do their tasks from home is not a strong predictor of job search nor a significant motive for switching occupations.


  • University of Zurich
    Marta Golin is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Economics and Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development at the University of Zurich. She obtained her PhD from the University of Oxford in 2021. Marta’s research fields are Labor and Behavioral Economics. Her research focuses on the formation of beliefs and preferences, their role in human capital investment decisions and the determinants of mental health and well-being over the life cycle. In recent work, she has also studied the impact of the COVID-19 shock on labor market outcomes in three large economies.


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