Evaluating innovation and business support policies with RCTs: challenges and opportunities

22 Aprile 2021 | 15:00 — 16:00

FBK-IRVAPP is pleased to invite you to the following seminar: Evaluating innovation and business support policies with RCTs: challenges and opportunities.

With the participation of Teo Firpo

Language The seminar is held in English.

Abstract The number of RCTs used to evaluate public policies has grown significantly in recent decades, with different research groups and publicly-funded centres dedicated almost exclusively to this method. Despite this growth, however, they remain relatively uncommon in the field of innovation and business support policies. In this presentation, Teo Firpo, a Senior Researcher at Nesta, will describe the efforts over the past six years by the Innovation Growth Lab to increase the uptake of RCTs as an evaluation tool in this field. He will also describe some of the key challenges – both technical and practical – in the use of RCTs in this field, as well as some of the recent successes and opportunities.

The seminar will be held on the web conference platform Google meet.


  • Speaker
    Teo Firpo is a Senior Researcher for the Innovation Growth Lab at Nesta. Teo's role at IGL includes working with governments to help them identify opportunities to run policy experiments and providing technical expertise on RCTs run by IGL partners or funded projects. His current focus is on how experiments can be used to improve science and innovation funding processes. Teo is an economist by training and is currently a PhD candidate at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


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