Chiara Franzoni: Implicit Criteria Weighting and Evaluators’ Background in Grant Peer Review (online)

FBK-IRVAPP is pleased to invite you to the following seminar: Implicit Criteria Weighting and Evaluators’ Background in Grant Peer Review.


With the participation of Chiara Franzoni, Polytechnic University of Milan


The seminar is held in English.


The studies about the selection of research proposals for funding have rarely been able to look inside the process of Grant Peer Review (GPR), intended as the pool of procedures and steps taken towards the final decision. We begin to do so using a unique database about GPR reviews.We study how the reviewers implicitly weight the independent criteria (PI qualifications, scientific quality and impact) towards the overall assessment. We find that scientific quality trumps all other criteria. We further investigate if the evaluators’ background (scientific eminence and experience as a practitioner) moderates preferences for either criteria.


Guest Speakers

  • Guest Speaker
    Chiara Franzoni is Professor at the School of Management of Polytechnic University of Milan. Her long-term area of specialization is the Economics of Science and Innovation. She is currently studying Grant Peer Review and the way in which experts take decisions in conditions of uncertainty, such as choosing which research projects to fund. She is particularly interested in the judgment of high-risk high-reward research. Her current work, sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and by the Novo Nordisk Foundation involves a mix of methods, including data analysis, lab and field experiments. In the past, she has studied the incentive system of scientists in academia and the international mobility of scientists.


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