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Evaluation of development policies

The complexity of economic dynamics, the growing competition among territories, and the increasing relevance of public policies set up at local level require a greater ability to examine the current economic processes and to evaluate the impact of specific economic  crisis and/or of particular fiscal policies implemented by regions and provinces, especially those a statuto speciale which, as well-known, enjoy of a great autonomy in terms of expenditure and taxation.

This project, implemented by FBK-IRVAPP in collaboration with the branch of Banca d’Italia located in Trento and with the Statistical Office of the Province of Trento (upon the agreement <Ammortizzatori> signed within the Memorandum of understanding for the Realization of Statistical Analyses), aims at the evaluation of the policy called “Mutuo di riassetto – I fase” implemented by the Province of Trento in 2009, when the financial situation of local firms worsened as a consequence of the economic crisis.

The Commercial Agriculture Development Project (CADP) is a World Bank project carried out in Nigeria. It aims at strengthening agricultural production systems and supporting the dissemination and adoption of new technologies for targeted value chains among small and medium scale commercial farmers in five participating states. These value chains are based on the comparative advantage of each state and include support for staple crop production systems.