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Erich Battistin presented the IRVAPP paper "The effects of remedial exams on student achievement: evidence from upper secondary schools in Italy" at the seminar organised by the Center for Operations Research and Econometrics (CORE).

Erich BattistinAlvaro Martinez, Gianluca Mazzarella and Enrico Rettore attended the workshop jointly organised by Padua & Linz University on labour economics. During the event Erich Battistin presented the IRVAPP paper "The Effects of Remedial Exams on Students Achievement: Evidence from Upper Secondary Schools in Italy", while Enrico Rettore presented the IRVAPP paper "The Effects of Temporary Job Experiences On Short Term Labour Market Outcomes in Italy".

Together with the European Commission’s DG Education and Culture and the European Expert Network on Economics of Education (EENEE), the Center for Research in Lifelong Learning (CRELL) of the JRC is organizing the International Conference “Catch the Train: Skills, Education and Jobs". This international conference responds to a request formulated by the European Council to the European Commission to propose a benchmark on the role of education and training for employability.

Loris Vergolini and Nadir Zanini attended the conference organised by OECD and Open University, where Nadir Zanini presented the paper “Does Aid Matter? The Effect of Financial Transfer on University Enrollment”.

Ugo Trivellato attended the conference where he presented the paper “What can we learn from recurrent Labour Force Surveys about the impact of temporary employment?” (coauthors Enrico Rettore and Adriano Paggiaro).

Ugo Trivellato attended the congress where he presented the relation “Perché in Italia evidence based policies non decollano? Riflessioni a valle di vent’anni di politiche in tema di istruzione e lavoro”.

Ugo Trivellato presented the book "Is this money spent well?" at the event "Is this money spent well? Analysis and evaluation of public policies" at The National Institute for Statistics (ISTAT).

Ugo Trivellato took part in the session “Impact evaluation of economic and social programmes: evaluation strategies and data requirements”.

Nadir Zanini presents the paper "Merit-based financial aid to students from low-income families and its effects on academic performance" at the session on "Policies Against Educational Inequalities".

Loris Vergolini attends the "Education and social mobility" session at the annual ESPAnet Italy conference where he presents the paper: "Merit-based financial aid to students from low-income families and its effects on academic performance" (coauthors Antonio Schizzerotto and Nadir Zanini)